Working from home? How you can look after your eyes!

With the outbreak of COVID-19 resulting in many people now working on their screens from home, we have prepared a list of ways that you can help to look after and care for your ... Continue Reading

Is it still safe to be wearing my contact lenses?

Contact lens wear remains safe and a highly effective form of vision correction. However, with the current health concerns it is extremely important that contact lens wearers remain diligent in practicing proper hygiene when ... Continue Reading

COVID-19 Update; What We Are Doing To Help

An update for all our patients:   As of today we are still open and here to help! We are working diligently towards maintaining a safe and sanitized practice space to ensure the health ... Continue Reading

A Message To All Our Patients

TO ALL OUR PATIENTS: We’ve always considered our practice to be a clean and sanitised space. It is something we pride ourself on. A lot of the cleaning we do happens behind the scenes, ... Continue Reading

What you need to know about digital eye strain

Australians are leading world consumers of tablets, smartphones and computers, with 80% now owning and using a smartphone. Collectively, we look at our smartphones more than 440 million times a day and 75% of ... Continue Reading
Flashing Lights and Floaters

Glaucoma: The sneak thief of sight

Glaucoma: The sneak thief of sight Approximately 300,000 Australians have glaucoma and 50% of people with the condition are undiagnosed. Due to our growing population and longer life expectancy, this figure is expected to ... Continue Reading

New report reveals the state of Australian eye health

Sourced from Good Vision for Life  Three quarters (76%) of all Australians consider their eyesight to be their most important sense, with three in five Australians stating they’re worried about the quality of their ... Continue Reading

2020 Eye Health News – Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people

With the new year in full swing, find out how health practices and bodies across Australia are setting goals and standards for a new year of optometry.  Apart of Beckenham Optometrsit’s goal to assit ... Continue Reading