New Sustainable Frame Range

Garret Leight, one of the frame brands offered here at Beckenham Optometrist, is launching their first eco-friendly collection! As a locally owned independent practice, not 500 metres from the beach, we are passionate about our local environment, and take the survival of our planet very seriously.

As a community centred optometry practice, we aim to provide you with practice friendly clinical excellence and the most up-to-date information in the optometry industry, which can include the best frames and lenses for both you and the environment. In line with our ethos, we incorporate a number of sustainable initiatives into the daily running of the practice, such as our TerraCycle disposable mask recycling service and our old frame and contact lens recycling services. We also already sell a range of Otis eco-friendly sustainable frames, and therefore are very excited to be adding the Garret Leight Eco-Collection to the list.

What is unique about these Garret Leight frames?

The frames are constructed out of an innovative sustainable material, M49, an eco-acetate. This is made from renewable resources present in nature and derived from 68%  plant matter. Specifically, the bioplastic is created by combining cellulose acetate (a polymer obtained from wood pulp) and a plasticizer of vegetable origin.

Just how eco-friendly are they?

The eco-acetate is both bio-based and biodegradable. Even better, the frames are compostable! To be considered compostable the materials must not have a negative impact on the plants it will nourish.

Bonus eco points!

When you purchase these frames not only are the frames themselves sustainable. Additionally, the cleaning cloth is made from 80% recycled bottles, the case is made from animal-free eco-suede, and the case wrapper is made from FSC-certified recycled paper.

Eco-friendly sunglass lenses

Garret Leight also have a range of sunglasses, within this collection, which have lenses made from bioplastic. This means they are made from renewable resources, a direct contrast to traditional plastics which are created from fossils fuels. By using bio-lenses, Garret Leight reduce their CO2 emissions by 60%, use 53% less energy than industry standard lenses, and reduce the use of fossil-origin by-products. Thankfully, this does not negatively impact the viability of the lens, as you can see in the graph below!

GLCO eco collection fact sheet

Needing glasses or looking for a sunnies update? Do your part for our beautiful local environment and come in store to check out this new range.

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