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Joing us for the Avalon Late Night Shopping Event!

You are invited this year to come on down and support local businesses for a fun night of late night shopping on the 17th of Decemeber, in celebration and to give back to our ... Continue Reading

How To Get Rid Of A Stye

Most of the time, a stye will heal all on its own and is not harmful to your eye health. You may like to encourage the healing by following a few simple steps: 1. ... Continue Reading

What eyewear options are avaible?

What eyewear options are available? Work Glasses. Based on your work environment and the visual tasks you perform, we recommend frame and lens solutions to maximise your vision, eye and neck comfort, UV protection and eye safety. ... Continue Reading

Do I Need Glasses?

Have you been putting up with strained, tired eyes or persistent headaches while asking yourself “Do I need glasses?”? Our eyes are central to all we do. So, when our vision isn’t functioning at ... Continue Reading

Macular degeneration: what you need to know

Macular disease is the leading cause of blindness in Australia. 91% of Australians are unsure and unaware of the function of the macula. There are 8 million Australians who are at risk of macular ... Continue Reading

Dry Eye: A big issue for Australians

Dry eye disease affects more than 4 million Australians and it’s on the rise. Dry eye is a big issue with Australians and is increasing with our ageing population. In January 2020, Optometry Australia ... Continue Reading

Left your contacts in overnight?

It can be easy to forget and leave your contacts in overnight. A quarter of Australian contact lens wearers will accidentally leave their contacts in overnight at least once a fortnight, placing them at ... Continue Reading

Glaucoma – An important reason for regular eye examinations

Australians1, yet it is estimated that 50% of those living with glaucoma are undiagnosed1. While nine out of 10 Australians say that sight is their most valued sense 2, as many as one in three Australians ... Continue Reading

Does springtime mean itchy eyes for you?

While many of us welcome spring and the warm weather that comes, others dread it. That’s because they know they are in for months of red, sore, watery and itchy eyes. Hay fever is ... Continue Reading
Rowena Beckenham Optometrist helping communities in Sumba

How is the health of your child’s eyes?

With an alarming increase in Myopia, how is the health of your child’s eyes? Myopia, commonly known as short-sightedness or near-sightedness, is increasing at an alarming rate worldwide, doubling in children over the course ... Continue Reading