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How can I tell if my child has an issue with their vision?

We know that keeping track of the family and all their health needs is a big task at the best of time, to help ease any stress we have made a list of some ... Continue Reading

Reduce Eye Strain with 20-20-20 Rule

You can help alleviate eye strain with this simple 20-20-20 strategy: Every 20 minutes look 20 feet away and blink 20 times. This easy to remember message has an imperial based system of measurement ... Continue Reading

What is Vision Therapy for kids?

Unlike eyeglasses and contact lenses that compensate for vision problems, or eye surgery that alters the anatomy of the eye or surrounding muscles, vision therapy aims to “teach” the visual system to correct itself. Vision therapy is like physical therapy ... Continue Reading

Applying Eye Makeup Safely

Whether your makeup style is glamorous or beachy causal, applying eye makeup safely is essential for maintaining healthy eyes.  Mascaras, eye shadows and eye liners come in literally thousands of different shades and can ... Continue Reading
healthy food

How your diet can help look after your eyes.

We often think about eating healthy as a means to feeling and looking good – but did you know that just like other parts of our bodies, our eyes favour specific nutrients in order ... Continue Reading


We have resumed our services in a controlled environment. MONDAY – FRIDAY 9.00am – 5.00pm To meet our social distancing target, we are asking all patients to please call us on 9918 0616 before ... Continue Reading

Community Update: Thursday 17th December

Community Update: 🌼🌼🌼 Due to the current COVID 19 situation in Avalon and surrounds, we are minimizing contact for non-essential eyecare. We cannot offer our usual level of care and attention today as we ... Continue Reading

How To Get Rid Of A Stye

Most of the time, a stye will heal all on its own and is not harmful to your eye health. You may like to encourage the healing by following a few simple steps: 1. ... Continue Reading

What eyewear options are avaible?

What eyewear options are available? Work Glasses. Based on your work environment and the visual tasks you perform, we recommend frame and lens solutions to maximise your vision, eye and neck comfort, UV protection and eye safety. ... Continue Reading

Do I Need Glasses?

Have you been putting up with strained, tired eyes or persistent headaches while asking yourself “Do I need glasses?”? Our eyes are central to all we do. So, when our vision isn’t functioning at ... Continue Reading