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See better, See us

Rowena discusses how optometry has changed over her career ... Continue Reading

Macular Degeneration

Understanding everything you need to know about Macular Degeneration (AMD) ... Continue Reading


Conjunctivitis/pink eye is the acute inflammation of the outer lining of the eye. There are several types and they all require different treatment. ... Continue Reading

Sun damage does not end when the summer does

A lot of people seem to think that protecting your eyes from sun is only necessary when it is hot outside. During the winter months, we all forget the sunnies and hats and trade ... Continue Reading

Staff Profile: Geoffrey Neale, Optical Dispenser

Geoffrey grew up in England and was found to need glasses at the age of nine. Once he left school he got a job as a trainee Dispensing Optician with Clement Clarke and was ... Continue Reading

Children’s Vision

Eye and vision disorders are some of the most common health concerns affecting Australian children. One in five school-aged children have undetected vision problems significantly impacting their learning, education, social and daily activities. These ... Continue Reading

Pterygia: “Surfer’s eye”

Pterygia (singular: pterygium) are growths of benign fibrovascular tissue that develop due to UV exposure. They begin on the whites of the eye (the conjunctiva) as pingueculae and generally give a yellowing  or slightly red ... Continue Reading

Low vision and magnification aids

Low vision and how we can help 357,000 Australians suffer from low vision*, and this number is growing. This article should shed some light on ways that we can improve quality of life. Low ... Continue Reading

Digital Eyestrain

In the digital age, your eyes have never worked so hard.   The digital age has changed the way we work, learn, shop, socialise and relax; however, our eyes are not accustomed to the ... Continue Reading

Which colour frames suit me?

Spring into a new look and let us at Beckenham Optometrist help you “change your whole appearance” for the better by choosing the right colour spectacle frame based on your hair colour and skin complexion. ... Continue Reading