Contact Lens Club

Do your glasses dig in, fall down or fog up when you exercise?

No matter what your age or vision condition, contact lenses are now available to solve your vision correction needs. We prescribe contact lenses that provide the best in vision, health and comfort for your eyes.

Thinking of contact lenses as a part time solution for social or sporting endeavours or just not keen to wear glasses – a solution is available.

Multifocal contact lenses now available, contact lenses for team sports, surfing, swimming for part time or full time wear.

We fit children through to teenagers and first time adult contact lens wearers.

Contact Lens Club

Ask us about our contact lens club offer for flexible affordable contact lens wear.

Initial fitting of contact lenses includes comprehensive instruction and free trials of lenses*.

Become a member of our contact lens club and enjoy the benefits of exceptional eyecare with rewards.

  • Member only pricing of 10% off contact lenses
  • 20% off a 12 month supply of contact lenses*
  • 30% off contact lens solutions
  • 20% off sunglasses*
  • 20% off complete prescription glasses
  • Automatic reminders when new contact lenses are required
  • Contact lens new & updates

*Conditions apply

For full Terms and Conditions – click here