Applying Eye Makeup Safely

Whether your makeup style is glamorous or beachy causal, applying eye makeup safely is essential for maintaining healthy eyes.  Mascaras, eye shadows and eye liners come in literally thousands of different shades and can ... Continue Reading
healthy food

How your diet can help look after your eyes.

We often think about eating healthy as a means to feeling and looking good – but did you know that just like other parts of our bodies, our eyes favour specific nutrients in order ... Continue Reading

How To Get Rid Of A Stye

Most of the time, a stye will heal all on its own and is not harmful to your eye health. You may like to encourage the healing by following a few simple steps: 1. ... Continue Reading

Do I Need Glasses?

Have you been putting up with strained, tired eyes or persistent headaches while asking yourself “Do I need glasses?”? Our eyes are central to all we do. So, when our vision isn’t functioning at ... Continue Reading

Dry Eye: A big issue for Australians

Dry eye disease affects more than 4 million Australians and it’s on the rise. Dry eye is a big issue with Australians and is increasing with our ageing population. In January 2020, Optometry Australia ... Continue Reading
Rowena Beckenham Optometrist helping communities in Sumba

How is the health of your child’s eyes?

With an alarming increase in Myopia, how is the health of your child’s eyes? Myopia, commonly known as short-sightedness or near-sightedness, is increasing at an alarming rate worldwide, doubling in children over the course ... Continue Reading
Digital Eye Strain

How to look after your eyes when in isolation

We know it can be easy to turn to our phones and digital devices for isolation releif  while you are stuck at home, however with many of us working and learning from home it ... Continue Reading

Time to take care for your sight

With 20/20 being a well-known term often attributed to perfect vision, if there was ever a year to remind Australians to care for their eyes, it’s 2020. Almost half of Australia’s population suffers from ... Continue Reading
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Top tips to protect your eyes while on holidays

Top tips for protecting your eyes while on holidays Whether you are enjoying the Australian summer or chasing the snow overseas, we want to make sure you are prepared so your eyes are performing ... Continue Reading

Everything you need to know about Conjunctivitis

Also known as ‘sticky eye’, conjunctivitis is an inflammation of the lining of the eye and eyelid caused by bacterial infection, viral infection, allergies, irritants such as dust or chemicals, and is highly contagious. ... Continue Reading