Summer is nearly over but the sun is still out and it’s time to make up for the damp days of 2022. Thinking about relaxing in our gorgeous coastal community unencumbered by blurry text, glary reflections, unintelligible menus or sore eyes?

At Beckenham Optometrist we want our patients to relax into the final days of summer, with ethically made, environmentally friendly prescription sunglasses and sustainably produced contact lenses; comfortable clear flexible vision is our goal.

Australia is the skin cancer capital of the world we know UV rays are a major health concern, but did you know they can also damage your eyes; in the short term your eyes can themselves become sunburnt, leading to sore, dry and itchy eyes; in the long term UV exposure actually ages your eyes, and can lead to corneal damage, cataracts, and macular degeneration. Luckily, good quality sunglasses with a lens rating of 3 or 4 protect your eyes into the future.

Providing the community with slow fashion, produced ethically and sustainably is important to us. Sunglass brands who understand the ethos of our practice, and have sustainable credentials, include Otis, Zeal, and Garrett Leight. These companies have an active focus on decreasing their CO2 emissions and carbon footprints while producing ethical plant-based products. Otis creates sunglass lenses from naturally sourced mineral glass, that are non-toxic, and recyclable; Zeal’s frames and lenses are made from Z-resin derived from the castor plant; Garret Leight’s frames are made from sustainable eco-acetate M49 which is compostable and bio-based. Not only do these sunnies look after your vision, and the environment, they also come in a wide range of styles, from classic and timeless, to stylish and on-trend.

Whilst prescription sunglasses can be invaluable, sometimes it’s not appropriate to wear them. Contact lenses are now available in a vast range of powers including multifocals that provide the flexibility to meet almost every visual and lifestyle need. No matter what your age or vision condition there’s a contact lens solution available to you.

Wearing contact lenses to the beach enables you to swim, surf, and read comfortably. Just don’t forget to shut your eyes when you dive underwater or wear goggles when swimming in chlorine. For those that haven’t had enough winter in Australia and you’re heading off overseas this holiday season, contact lenses provide the perfect solution to wear under your ski goggles for seeing clearly on the slopes removing the risk of damaging yourself or your specs in a stack.

We are proud that our contact lens suppliers Cooper Vision share our business ethos, with the environment front and centre in production. With a focus on water recycling and rainwater collecting efforts, the use of wind-based renewable energy, and 95% of materials in their production process recycled, enjoy the freedom of contact lenses this summer knowing the environment is being looked after!

Book an appointment at Beckenham Optometrist to find your perfect pair of sustainable prescription sunnies or contact lenses and then relax and enjoy our gorgeous environment guilt and blur-free this summer!

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