Multifocal Contact Lenses

As you get older, you’ve probably noticed that close-up objects are starting to appear blurry. This is a sign of presbyopia, a frustrating yet natural condition that begins to affect most people as they ... Continue Reading

Sustainability in the Optical Industry: why we’re pushing for it

If you have your eyes on our socials you’ll know we have our eyes on the environment. Optical products such as spectacles, sunglasses, and contact lenses are relatively small and more ethically produced than ... Continue Reading

What happens if I sleep in my contact lenses?

The latest research shows that 24% of Australia contact lens wearers leave their contacts in overnight at least once every two weeks, placing them at increased risk of eye infection and ulcers. Below are ... Continue Reading

Is It Still Safe To Be Wearing My Contact Lenses?

Is it still safe to be wearing my contact lenses? Despite myths and misinformation that have arisen over the past weeks, contact lenses wear remains safe and highly effective form of vision correction. PROPER ... Continue Reading

Is it still safe to be wearing my contact lenses?

Contact lens wear remains safe and a highly effective form of vision correction. However, with the current health concerns it is extremely important that contact lens wearers remain diligent in practicing proper hygiene when ... Continue Reading