Looking After Your Glasses and Sunglasses

How do I clean my lenses?

For everyday cleaning, spray the lens cleaner on front and back surface of the lens and wipe clean with a microfibre cleaning cloth.

During the day the microfibre cloth can be used on its own for touch up cleaning.

Once a week rinsing your frame and lenses under warm (not hot) running water and cleaning as above will keep them sparkling.

How do u clean my cloth?

Cleaning cloths can be washed on the gentle cycle in the washer or hand washed. We recommend that you do not use any laundry additives (such as fabric softener) which could leave a residue on the cloth. Additional cleaning cloths will be supplied if you pop in to Beckenham Optometrist

What do I do if I have hairspray or paint on my lenses?

If you cannot remove the hairspray with a mild detergent wash and running water, we recommend bringing your lenses to Beckenham Optometrist for evaluation and removal of the hairspray from your lenses.

Can I keep my glasses in the car?

It is not advisable to store eyeglasses in your car (e.g. not leaving them on the dashboard of your car), especially in the warmer climates. It is potentially damaging to the lenses and to the frame.

Service recall

Remember to pop in to Beckenham Optometrist any time for a refill of your complimentary spray cleaner and spare cleaning cloths. Ask staff about our free lifetime service on your spectacles and deep cleaning of your frames and lenses in our ultrasonic cleaner.