Answers to your most frequently asked questions

We know that the ability to see clearly is critical to driving, working, and caring for your family. Whether you have always worn glasses, or you think it is time to start, figuring out when to book in for an eye exam can be a challenge. Read on for our helpful answers to our most asked questions.


How often should I have an eye examination?

We recommend regular eye examinations from the time just prior to starting school and then throughout life. How often this need to occur varies from one to two years depending on your eye health and vision needs.

If you wear glasses, most prescriptions expire after two years (less than this in some cases) hence the need to re-test before an optometrist can prescribe a new set of lenses. This is to ensure that you are using the lenses with the most appropriate correction for your eyes.


What can I expect to be addressed in my eye exam?

Many changes to our eye health take place gradually and often go unnoticed or without obvious symptoms. We take the time to get to know you and your eye health needs so that you receive a highly personalized vision eye care solution that fits your lifestyle needs.

What can I expect?
A great eye care consultation starts with understanding you, your general health, eye health, vision needs, and lifestyle. Discussions around eye health, eye focusing, eye coordination, and eye protection. Lens Advice. Contact Lenses. Health & Lifestyle. Eye Medications. Total Solution & Eyecare Plan. To finish we combine all these elements to provide your personalised eye care solution, prescribe quality eyewear tailored to your lifestyle and explain all the benefits.


Is there a difference between buying a pair of reading glasses from a convenience store, compared to those from an optometrist?

We recommend purchasing glasses from an optometrist, we can ensure that they are fitted and tailored to the prescription that is correct for each of your eyes. Optometrists also consider other factors, like the placement of your eyes, the angle and position of the frame, and the distance between your pupils, making prescription glasses unique for each wearer. Other options like bifocal and multifocal reading glasses are only available from an optometrist.


Why is wearing sunglasses important?

We all know the risks of the sun’s ultraviolet (UV) radiation on our skin, but many of us are not as aware of the damaging effects that sun exposure can have on our eyes. Repeated exposure to ultraviolet (UV) radiation can contribute to eye conditions and diseases including cataracts, pterygium, and skin cancer around the eye. That is why investing in a good pair of sunglasses is essential to protecting your eyes.


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