Common Eye Conditions


A fleshy overgrowth of the skin on the surface of the eye that can become raised, red and sore. It is caused by exposure to UV light, and irritated by dry dusty windy conditions and air-conditioning. It is important to consult our optometrists for advice on management to prevent the need for surgical intervention as they can start to affect vision as they progress.

Red eyes

Red eyes can be caused by many conditions and it is important you are seen by an optometrist who will make an assessment of the cause by examining with a slit lamp biomicroscope and taking a detailed history. Our friendly optometrists can then advise on the best course of treatment to give relief.


Inside the back of the eye is a clear jelly substance called the vitreous. As time goes by, this jelly can become more fluid and small particles can float in the substance throwing a shadow on the film layer (retina) at the back of the eye. Any sudden onset of floaters should be seen by our optometrists.

Dry eye

Dry eyes are a common condition in which the tear layer is insufficient to lubricate and protect the front of the eye (cornea). This can be triggered by a number of causes including the environment, hormonal changes, age, previous laser surgery, medications and general health issues. It is important our optometrists see you to diagnose the cause of the dry eye and advise appropriate treatment.