Children’s Vision

Children need regular eye exams as one in four children between the ages of 5 and 12 suffer from an undiagnosed vision problem that affects their educational performance.

kids vision

Since children have no way of knowing if their vision is poor, it is much harder to detect the problem. Early detection is the key to good vision, as vision problems respond well when corrected during the growth and development of a child’s visual system.

We advise on habits for long term good vision and this may include discussion about regular breaks from computers and gaming devices, correct working distances to screens and exercises that promote flexibility in the visual system.

Signs your child may have a vision problem:

  • Squinting, rubbing, or blinking the eyes a lot
  • Having trouble seeing the blackboard at school
  • Using a finger as a place mark when reading
  • Holding head at an awkward angle when reading
  • Closing or covering one eye to focus
  • Holding reading materials close to face
  • Having red or crusty eyes

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